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things I can’t imagine

  • someone having a crush on me
  • someone randomly seeing me and thinking ‘wow s/he’s cute’
  • someone getting happy because I messaged them first
  • someone thinking about me, in general
  • someone wondering how I am
  • someone finding me attractive
  • someone doing something to try and impress me
  • someone asking their friend on what to say to me 
  • someone wanting to get to know me






One of the best mom moments in TV history. I wish more parents knew how important it is to validate their children’s feelings.

What this is so beautiful

Marge tried real fucking hard sometimes.

Marge tried real fucking hard all the time

Have you seen her husband? Most people’s ‘trying real fucking hard’ is Marge’s ‘still half asleep in the morning before coffee’. 

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i find it funny that “i like big butts” has always been a well-liked song, but as soon as Nicki Minaj samples it and shows off her amazing ass in a video, suddenly OH MY GOD WHAT A SLUT PUT THAT AWAY

like, it’s okay for a guy to talk about how much he loves butts
but it’s not okay for women to love their own butts

funny how that works

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Apparently it’s not socially acceptable for a man to invite another man out just for coffee or to go out for a meal, in case it’s perceived as a date. Like it’s fine if you wanna go to the pub and drink beer and have a chat but make it non-alcoholic and suddenly you’re not straight anymore? You can go to the cinema together but ONLY if it’s an action movie. You guys can’t even just go shopping with each other. Oh masculinity, so fragile, so strange. 


Reason #93435802 why I love Norway:

A few days ago, a one-year-old Border Collie was killed by a farmer, right in front of the owner. The dog had showed no aggression, but the farmer was sick of dogs scaring his sheep, so he shot the dog twice without a warning and left him to bleed to death in his owner’s arms. 

Over a thousand people gathered for a memorial ceremony for this beautiful dog, and 100 tennis balls with the dog’s name, Tønes, were given out, so when people play with their dogs, they can remember him. 

There is a lot of shit going on in the world, and this probably not going to change anything, but I just think this is really amazing. 

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